Vaccine Preventable Diseases

A vaccine-preventable disease is an infectious disease for which an effective preventive vaccine exists. If a person acquires a vaccine-preventable disease and dies from it, the death is considered a vaccine-preventable death.

Vaccine-preventable deaths are usually caused by a failure to obtain the vaccine in a timely manner. This may be due to financial constraints or to lack of access to the vaccine. Affinity Vaccines addresses this problem with its Institutional Vaccination Program.

Affinity pioneered a program in 2008 in cooperation with leading pharmaceutical companies to bring down the cost of the vaccine through mass immunization programs among employee populations.  As a third party partner, we are able to pool the purchase of vaccines for priority vaccine-preventable diseases to drive the cost down for employees of our corporate clients.  For corporate clients who cannot facilitate the purchase of vaccines for their employees, Affinity also pioneered the on-site voluntary vaccination program that pools individual purchases of employees through cash and on-site credit card purchases.

Affinity has changed the economics of preventive healthcare in the Philippines in the last six years. We have created awareness and enabled ordinary employees to protect themselves from the burden of infectious diseases.  Today and in the future, we intend to continue finding ways to make vaccines more accessible and affordable for a vast majority of Filipinos because we believe, no one should ever die from a vaccine preventable disease.

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